Before Building Consider Site Clearance and Tree Felling

‘Site clearance is an integral part of getting ready construction. It involves the removal of several materials that may hinder the successful progress of a construction project.’

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building site clearance

Regardless of the size of the project you want to construct, you definitely need the services of site clearance contractors in Johannesburg. It should be someone who knows everything about tree felling, tree removal, and surface soil removal.

The following are some of the things you should expect a site clearance specialist to do for you:

1. Johannesburg Tree Felling and Removal

Site clearance for building construction starts with the removal of trees and other vegetation. First, the contractor clears the undergrowth. What’s left is just a few trees and shrubs.

The next step is tree felling which should be done professionally to avoid unnecessary accidents and liabilities. Once the trees are felled, they are reduced into smaller pieces, which are then carried away using specialized equipment.

tree felling

Tree removal involves the uprooting of the roots and stumps. This is to ensure that they do not decay later and cause cracks in the building.

Removing Surface Soil and Large Stones

Apart from containing roots, surface soil also has lots of decaying materials. The purpose of site clearance is to remove this soil for a more stable building foundation.

When the contractor comes on site, he or she will loosen the surface soil, remove, and transport it away. In the process, any large stones are removed from the site. Animal burrows are identified and filled with clay.

That way, the contractors ensure that the soil on the building site is fit for construction.

Demolition of Existing Buildings

Building site clearance may also involve bringing down old buildings to make way for new ones. However, demolition can only commence after the property owner contacts the local authority for the necessary permission.

tree removal

When the demolition begins, care is taken to ensure the safety of other people and buildings nearby. The clearance contractor will come on site with the necessary equipment for the job. That includes machinery for demolition and trucks for ferrying the debris.

Reasons to Hire Site Clearance Contractors

Site clearance in the Johannesburg area is not one of those things you can say you will engage in DIY. Hiring site clearance professions is necessary for the following reasons:

site clearance contractors
  • Comes with the right equipment. Whether it is tree felling, tree removal, soil removal or demolition, trust a contractor to have all the necessary equipment.
  • Disposal. The purpose of site clearance is to ensure that whatever is removed is disposed of in a safe way. A professional contractor knows and conforms to all the legal requirements for disposal. You don’t have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law.
  • Saving time. When you involve a professional in the preparation of your building site, you can be sure to save time when construction commences. That’s because the contractor is able to plan for the site ensuring the materials to be removed are identified and the right equipment used.
  • Conforming to the law. There is no way a professional site clearance contractor is going to dump waste in the wrong place. So, you don’t have to worry about the authorities looking for you.
  • Handling hazardous waste. Expect a contractor to know how to handle waste such as paints, asbestos, contaminated soil, and fuel.

If you have a building project coming up, don’t hesitate to ask a professional to help you. you will never be disappointed!

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