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In years gone by the ceilings in a home were decorated with various patterns, and as time went on and money became a problem homes have been built with plain ceilings.  Many people do not mind the plain white ceilings, but there are many home owners who like having decorative ceilings in some of the rooms around the home.

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In modern homes the ceiling decoration is just as important as the rest of the room, there are plenty of different ceiling types to choose from and a wide range of ceiling ideas that you can look at.  Apart from the light fittings or chandeliers that home owners can install, the actual ceiling can also be a point of attraction, especially with the wide range of ceiling finishes now available.

What Types of Ceilings Are There?

As a home owner you can choose between a regular ceiling, a suspended ceiling, and a seamless ceiling, you also have a variety of different choices for each main type of ceiling which will affect the ambience in the room. Most ceilings are constructed with a sequence of ceiling panels, except the seamless ceiling, which is constructed in such a way that it looks like it is one large panel.  The most common material for a ceiling is wood, therefore most homes have wooden ceilings.

Tips On Installing Suspended Ceilings

A regular ceiling will be a plain rhino board ceiling which will still be able to provide the protection and insulation that you require, but the decorative options on the rhino board ceilings are very limited.

A suspended ceiling can be installed using rhino board or other ceiling materials, you have a variety of decorative choices for the suspended ceiling, including a range of decorative ceiling cornices or paint work.

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A seamless ceiling has no visible cross beams in the ceiling, where you will still be able to see where rhino boards or other materials are joined with a beam in a regular ceiling, with a seamless ceiling these points will no longer be visible.

What Are The Benefits of Each Ceiling Solution?

A regular ceiling would be your most cost effective ceiling installation, although it is not an extremely decorative type of ceiling it is possible to make your regular ceiling appear more appealing with decorative ceiling cornice designs or an artistic paint job.

A suspended ceiling makes the room smaller, this can be beneficial in the colder months in Johannesburg.  A suspended ceiling can still have decorative ceiling tiles and other features of a regular ceiling and you can still install insulation into the ceiling to make the room more climate able.

A seamless ceiling is very aesthetically pleasing, except if there is a problem with water damage or some other structural fault in one corner of the room, you will have to replace the whole ceiling as it is not partitioned like a regular ceiling.

Decorative Options

Apart from the different types of covering, like rhino light or rhino boards and different shades of paint, you can turn your regular ceiling into designer ceilings with patterns in the layout of the materials used to install the ceiling or you can have us install decorative cornices and skirting’s.  There are plenty of new materials on the market like acoustic ceiling tiles, and other solutions to making your ceiling more decorative.

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When you looking at various ceiling designs you will also need to decide between modern ceiling designs or more traditional ceiling decorations, as the design of your ceiling does influence the types of ceilings you can have installed and the materials which can be used for your ceiling.

It is also important to consider the room where you are replacing the ceiling, as you do not want to go through all the expense of having a decorative ceiling installed only to realise that the room looks too busy or that the ceiling is not suitable for the main purpose of the room.

Most people have their living room ceiling and main entrance area ceilings installed as decorative ceilings, as these are the two places where your guests will spend most of their time.  There are a lot of ceiling designs for the living room specifically.

Where Can I Get My Ceiling?

We are able to provide you with the ceiling installation of your choice.  Although it is important to note that suspended ceilings are a specialised field and not all ceiling suppliers are able to successfully install a suspended ceiling.  If you are looking for suspended ceiling suppliers then you will be happy to note that we have a team of professionals who are certified as suspended ceiling suppliers and installers in the Johannesburg area.

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How Much is My Ceiling Going to Cost?

The cost of your ceiling installation depends on the type of ceiling you having installed as well as the size of the room where you are having the ceiling installed.

A regular rhino board ceiling which is traditional ceiling boards that are installed and then painted with rhino light and the colour of your choice will be the cheapest ceiling you can have installed, but if you are looking for a more decorative type of ceiling you will need to look at a suspended ceiling prices or a seamless ceiling and the various types of ceiling decor that is available.

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