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We love how garages create an extra storage space for items in the home. They help you de-clutter your home and avoid looking like an extreme hoarder.  The garage is the only safe haven for you to store all those things you are not currently using but have sentimental value to you. So if you are looking for garage builders in Johannesburg, we are your people.

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The first question we get asked is the price of building a double garage. This seems like the most popular type of garage and many people are aware of. The price ranges from the size of the garage to the materials used to build a double garage.

We also take time to educate our clients on the types of garages which include precast garages, prefabricated garages, vibacrete garages and the standard garage.

Ensure you request a brochure for our prefab garages. We have a mind blowing number of options for your garage and we are able to customize it to achieve seamless finishes and tile or brick effect. We also have different prefab exteriors such as spar or pebbledash.

precast prefabricated garages

With our different designs and our aim for versatility, our different types of garages can be converted into anything that you like – a gym, home office or a garden room. Some of the other garages that we build include battery garages and industrial garages.

Factors to Consider When Building a Garage in Johannesburg

Building a garage in Johannesburg should not be a tall order. Look at the space available on which the garage will be built on. A smaller space will dictate a smaller garage while a bigger space provides room for a larger-sized garage.

You also have to consider whether you want a single or double garage because they require different skills and amounts of labour. You budget will also have a role to play when building a garage in Johannesburg.

single or double garages

It is advisable to adjust your budget according to what is available in the market and the options that will suit your needs better.

The cost of building a double garage definitely be higher than that of building a single garage. When building a prefabricated double garage, we conduct a site survey and then prepare a suitable base. We also offer asbestos garage removal services in Johannesburg.

Deciding Between a Single or Double Garage

Both garages are functional but you will have to settle on one depending on your needs and the amount of space you actually need.

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If you have more things to store, a double garage would be the best option to go for. If you are looking to convert the garage into an office or studio to paint or sew and do not need much space, a single garage would be appropriate.

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