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All home owners come to a point when they want to attend to home renovations in Johannesburg on their property, regardless of whether it is renovations that you have been putting off for years or something that you need to do because of circumstances.

All home owners have heard the horror stories and dreadful experiences that other people have had with their home renovations and want to do everything possible to ensure that their home renovations in Johannesburg project runs smoothly.

Steps to Hiring the right Renovation Professional

Detailed Plan – Sit down with your partner and decide on what renovations you want in as much detail as possible, for example if you wanting to add on a bathroom, does it need a shower and a bath, does it need a double sink, what colour do you want it to be, will it have any luxury finishes like heated rails, what luxury finishes do you want.

Telephone Interview – Look in the paper and on the internet for professional renovations and phone them up, ask if they have done your specific type of renovations before, ask for references, ask how many projects they have going currently.  Phone between six and eight home renovations in Johannesburg companies, then chose three and make appointments with them.

Details and Quotes – Make sure that you give the professional home renovations in Johannesburg every detail you can about the renovations you want done, the more detail you give the less likely you are to be told later that you were under quoted and the professional will know whether or not they are able to do the job.  Make sure you get a detailed quote in writing from the home renovations in Johannesburg professional. Home renovations are as easy as you make them, with or without professionals.

3 Home Renovation Tips From an Experienced Interior Designer

General Alterations

When it comes to doing your home alterations it is important that you hire a professional to help you, else you could land up spending lots more money than you intended.  Hiring the alterations professional is the hard part, but there are some things you need to consider before you begin looking for the right alterations for the job.

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Details – The more details you give to the alterations professional the better.
Research – Find out everything you can about the company you want to hire, including their work ethics and obtain references.
Written Contract – Make sure that you get the contract in writing, and that everything regarding the project is well detailed.

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Most home owners have a variety of alterations that they wish to do to their homes, believing that the alterations will make their home into their dream home. Although you have a lot of alterations you want to attend to, it is important to do them slowly, prioritize them and prepare your family for the disruption of the household during the alterations.

Alterations often include extensions and improvements, make sure that the professional alterations you chose to employ has enough experience to complete your project without unforeseen problems that they are unable to handle.

Home Improvements

Every home owner wants to increase the value of their property so that when they have to sell, they are able to make a nice profit on their investment.  Home improvements are not only for resale purposes, they are also done to increase the comfort of your family, but you do need to remember that even your home improvement projects have the potential to turn into a nightmare unless you employ the services of qualified professional.

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Regardless of the type of home improvement project you have in mind, there is a procedure to follow which will help minimize the chance of your projects turning into a disaster.

Tips for Home Improvement Projects

– List the improvements you want to have done.
– Decide on the order of priority in which each improvement needs to be done.
– Contact the professionals that deal with each improvement and gather information from them regarding their business practices and ethics.
– Draw up a written contract which has all the details of your project included as well as cost and time frame.
Set a date for the work to begin.

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Although there are companies that are able to do more than one of your home improvements, do not embark on multiple home improvements at once.  Make sure you have a logical plan and stick to it, this way you are not stuck with one company doing everything only to find that you are not completely satisfied with the work done.

Extending Your Property

When home owners take on the project of adding extensions to their home, it is either because of their circumstances or because they want to add value to their home.  Apart from the concern of hiring a suitable extensions professional there are some other things which you need to consider.

Home extensions can add value to your home, which is a good thing, but you need to be careful that you do not make the value of your property rise so much that it is no longer suitable for the neighborhood.

Most Popular Extensions

When building a brand new home, there are some extensions which are generally guaranteed to add value to your property. The most popular extensions that home owners undertake are: extra bathroom, entertainment room, TV room, extra bedroom, loft & office area.

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Although having extensions added to your home is a stressful time, the final product is exciting and the benefits far out live the inconvenience.  It is important to be open and honest with the professional extensions that you employ about the expected results including your plans for the extensions in as much detail as possible.